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Steven Porter – BDSc Hons

Steve graduated from the University of Queensland in 1981 with the degree of Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours. He commenced private dental practice in Rockhampton soon after graduation.

Keeping up-to-date with technology and knowledge in dental treatment is very important to Steve. He is strongly committed to continuing professional development and he has always enjoyed the process of learning new techniques. While it is exciting to see advances in dentistry, he realises that unless there is good clinical evidence of benefit, it is not in the best interests to implement all changes for his patients.

 Steve’s special interests are Adhesive dentistry (Tooth coloured bonded fillings) and Endodontic  Treatment (root canal treatment) and Crown and Bridge work.

Steve has attended many courses on Adhesive Dentistry by Ray Bertolotti. Ray is a world renowned researcher and developer of dental materials. You can read about Ray by clicking on the link:

 As far back as the mid 1980s, Steve has followed the developments of Adhesive Dentistry. The mid-1980s was a period of time in dentistry when amalgam was still widely used as a filling material for posterior teeth (back teeth). Tooth coloured adhesive restorations were used solely for anterior teeth (front teeth). For more than 30years, Steve has been developing his skills and expertise in adhesive dental restorations.

Steve’s special interest in endodontics has encouraged him to attend every Trans-Tasman Endodontic conference since the biennial conferences began. Lecturers from Australia, New Zealand and Internationally present at these conferences. Steve’s aim is to provide the best diagnosis and treatment outcomes for his patients requiring root canal treatment.

Apart from adhesive dentistry and root canal treatments, Steve regularly attends courses in all areas of  general dentistry, both by lecture and hands-on course.

Steve feels he is in a privleged position to be practicing in the same practice for over thirty years. This has enabled him to follow his patients through many stages in their life and see the results of his dental care over time. He has seen his patients grow into adulthood and bring their children along to the practice for dental care. He finds it rewarding that patients show their trust in doing so.

Steve has a passion for dentistry. In the thirty years since his graduation he has seen many new technologies and developments. This is what keeps him so excited about dentistry. He feels that he is fortunate to be able to earn an income from a profession which could easily be his hobby.

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