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Steve Porter Mouth Guards

Mouthgaurds are removable appliances which are worn over the teeth to protect the teeth and jaws from traumatic injury.

We recommend a custom-made mouthgaurd to prevent dental injuries in contact sport and in any sport in which there is potential for a knock to the face. Mouthgaurds should be worn during all competitions as well as in training.

Custom-made mouthguards are made to fit accurately and are shaped to extend over the supporting bone of the teeth. Compared to a store-bought mouthguard, custom-made mouthguards have better retention, are more comfortable to wear and have better extension over the supporting bone.

Mouthguards are essential for anyone playing a contact sport because mouthguards:

  • Cushion teeth against injury and prevent tooth fracture
  • Protect against jaw joint injury
  • Protect against jaw fracture
  • Protect against soft tissue injury
  • And may help reduce concussion

Fitting of a custom made mouthgard requires two visits. The first visit is for impressions. At the second appointment, the mouthguard is fitted and adjusted.

Generally, a mouthguard can be made ready within a week. You can have your mouthguard made in a variety of colours and even made to match your team colours.

Coaches and managers of sports teams might find the following app handy in the event of dental trauma in your game. It is produced by the International Dental Society of Traumatology –

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