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A dental implant is a fixture placed surgically within the bone to support an artificial tooth. The implant itself serves a similar function to the root for the artificial tooth.

The implant is made from titanium. When surgically imbedded in bone this special metal can form a biocompatible bond with living bone.

An Implant is a very good option for a single missing tooth when the adjacent teeth are in good condition. It will provide a natural-looking and functional replacement for your tooth. If several teeth are missing, more than one implant can be used to support a bridge.

The implant process involves a number of steps and can take a number of months to complete. This is an outline of what you might expect:

  1. The initial appointment involves a full examination, xrays and impressions and referral to the oral surgeon.
  2. The oral surgeon will perform the surgical procedure and place the implant in the jawbone.
  3. A period of 3 to 6 months for the  bone to heal (the implant undergoes osseointegration)
  4. A second surgical procedure to exposure of the implant and the attachment of an abutment screw.
  5. You will then return to our practice to have the impressions recorded for the fabrication and fitting of your implant supported crown. ( all made by a quality Australian Laboratory)

Very good dental home care and regular dental visits are essential for the long term success of the dental implants. Plaque and calculus can form on dental implants just the same as natural teeth. The tissue around the implant can become inflamed and bleed if not kept clean. Poor health of the tissue surrounding the implant (caused by poor oral hygiene and smoking) may lead to the loss of the implant.

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